Why I Oppose Abortion: My Story
by John F. Spurlock

I'm going to break Rule One of Journalism,
I'm going to make the story about me.
I'm going to make the story... Personal.
I Promise:
As long a someone
is trying to take away
our right to fly the
Battle Flag
Just To Piss
Them Off !
Robert E. Lee

Commander of the Army
of Northern Virginia

Lee was a top graduate of the United States
Military Academy at West Point and
served in the United States Army for 32
He distinguished himself during the
Mexican–American War, and served as
Superintendent of the United States
Military Academy.
Stonewall Jackson

Brigadier General
Confederates State Army

Jackson attended the United States Military
Academy at West Point, served in the U.S.
Army during the Mexican–American War of
1846–1848 and distinguished himself at
Chapultepec (1847).
From 1851 to 1863 he taught at the
Virginia Military Institute.
Military historians regard Jackson as
one of the most gifted tactical commanders in
U.S. history. His tactics are studied even today
Stand Waite

Chief Stand Watie:
Leader of the Cherokee Nation,
and  Brigadier General
Confederate States Army during
the American Civil War.

Watie led his Cherokee troops in the Second
Battle of Cabin Creek, in 1864. The raid
captured a Federal wagon train and
netted approximately $1 million
worth of wagons, mules, commissary
supplies, and other needed items.
Jefferson Davis

President of the Confederate
of America - 1861 to 1865

Davis served in the U.S. House of
Representatives and the Senate,
and also served with distinction in
the U.S.-Mexican War.
Davis argued against secession in 1858,
but he believed that states had an
unquestionable right to leave the Union.
President Davis was captured in 1865,
he was accused of treason and imprisoned
He was never tried and
was released after two years.
Idiots are trying to tear down all the
statues of Confederate Heroes to deny
them their place in History.
As long as they do, I will display the
Portraits of Confederate Heroes
Right Here...

Just to Piss The Idiots Off !
That's right!
Your's truly has been tossed off Facebook by the
Censors, because I talked mean about the Illegal
Alien TRASH that has been invading our country.

Want to see the Posts that got me Banned?
Check them out just below...
These are the Posts that were "So Dangerous" Facebook
had to Ban me to protect it's Members (that's you).

Or Maybe Facebook was unhappy with my calls for IRS audits of the Company
and it's Founder Mark Zuckerberg; and my criticism of their discriminatory
Censorship practices that target Members with Conservative viewpoints.

Be Careful What You Say On Facebook.
They can Ban you to, and worse they have
been secretly collecting your Personal Data.
Imagine the harm they can cause you with that.

Facebook must be brought under control
Facebook Friends and Others who wish to contact this Banned Bad Boy