Obama Jokes
These are the jokes that are costing other people
their jobs. Read them here, tell them to your
friends, and slap Br'er Obama in his lying face.
Dear Lord,

You took my favorite actor, Patrick Swayze.

You took my favorite actress, Farah Fawcett.

You took my  favorite singer, Michael Jackson.

I just wanted to let you know Lord...
My favorite President is Barack Obama.


I want Fox TV to stop
playing the theme from
"The Jefferson's"
every time they show
my family entering the
White House.
   ObamaCare Quickies

Barack got his ObamaCare votes the old fashioned way.
He bought 'em

Everyone who believes that ObamaCare will work,
is entitled to free psychological help

Why is it called ObamaCare instead of ObamaCares?
Because he doesn't

Why is the healthcare plan called ObamaCare'
when he is exempt from it?

ObamaCare is like an apple a day,
It keeps your doctor away.

What is the difference between ObamaCare and a car battery?
A car battery has a positive side.
From the lips of a child

Barack Obama, at a recent rural elementary  school assembly
in East Texas , asked the audience for total quiet. Then, in the
silence,  he started to slowly clap his hands once every few
seconds, holding the audience in total silence..

Then Obama said into the microphone...
"Children, every time I,  clap my hands together,
a child in America dies from, gun violence."

Little Richard Earl,  pierced the quiet and said...
'' Well, stop clapping dummy!"
   Obama on the Military

If Barack Obama had been the Commander in Chief   
of the Sioux and the Cheyenne...

George Armstrong Custer would have died of
old age
One Final Thought

If Obama had half a brain... his butt would be lopsided
A salute to James Earl Carter

Why did President Obama feel it was necessary
for him to apologize to the world and
to degrade the United States?

Jimmy Carter had laryngitis
We know President Obama loves poor people...

He must, look how many he's made!!!
I'd like to
announce my engagement to
Country music beauty
Taylor Swift
I'd also like to announce that I won a
Billion Dollars in the Texas lottery...

but that didn't happen either!
Ron White
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The Benny Hill Show, 1977
Diana Darvey feat. Benny Hill & Jackie Wright
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