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On Monday, March 23, 2015, Breitbart.com carried a story
regarding a bill before the Texas Legislature

(Link to Story Here)

I chose to comment on the story by telling about how
in 1990, my then-wife, had an abortion, killing our child.

After several hours, and for reasons unknown to me,
my post was deleted from the web site.

To allow everyone the opportunity to decide
on the content of my comment, I post it here.

Thank you
John Spurlock
In 1990, my then-wife, announced she was having an abortion and killing OUR child.

Under Texas law, I had no way to stop her. No right to save the life of MY unborn child.

In my mind I hold an image of a pretty blonde haired green eyed little girl. I see her
learning to walk and talk. Learning to swim and ride a horse. I see her playing with
pets and friends. I see her going to school. I see her learning to drive. I see her going
on her first date. I see her falling in love. I see her graduating High School. I see her
going to college. I see her getting her degree. I see her getting married. I see her
presenting me with my first grandchild.

All these things I see; but only in my mind, because my child never got her chance to

My child was murdered before being born, by a cold, uncaring monster who couldn’t
be bothered to give birth to her own child. I was forced to stand by and do nothing
while my child was killed in cold blood. I was threatened with jail if I attempted to save
my child’s life.

This October my child would have been 25. She might have been a housewife, or a
Doctor, or an Engineer. She might have had children and grandchildren; or she might
have cured cancer; or she might have designed a starship to other planets; or she
might have just had a happy life, filled with love. Instead, she was killed before she
could draw her first breath.

It is too late to save my child. It’s too late to save me.

It is not too late to save millions of other unborn children, whose father’s
love them, and long to hold them, change their diapers, scare away the monsters,
and watch them grow up.

Please support legislation to protect the rights of the Fathers of unborn children.

Because only one child was born from a virgin; and even Jesus had a father who
loved him as well.

John Spurlock